Our Team

    Proudly based in Indianapolis, Indiana, our team has been hand picked to bring together a diverse group of creatives who work together to deliver the great work that Lumatic Imagery is known for. The small-but-mighty team is led by Tyler Hromadka and includes a select group of photographers, videographers, and graphic designers. Our core team works together on every project that comes through our door and occasionally calls upon our network of talented designers for specialized results. Read more about a few key members below, and check out their work throughout our site!





    Are you a photographer or designer in the Indianapolis area with a passion for producing good work for a diverse group of clients? If so, send us a message and tell us a little about yourself. We keep our core team lean, but we are always looking for supportive talent.


    Tyler Hromadka is our lead photographer and idea man. Since picking up his dad’s camera in elementary school, he has fostered a passion for capturing images. As the team leader, he keeps things running smoothly, but that doesn't stop him from getting his hands on a digital camera and creating new things every day.

    Jake Huber is our first assistant shooter. His knack for noticing the details brings a strong support to our team’s eye. Though he is often found with a camera, Jake also has a talent in illustration, and brings a special element to our graphic design. Don’t let Jake’s quiet nature fool you, he is always ready for the next great shot.

    Madison Hromadka is an indispensable team member. The wife of Tyler, she acts as our pulse on all things fashion. This comes in handy on a lot of our large shoots where having an extra pair of trained eyes keeps the project exactly where it needs to be. Madison also keeps a great fashion & style blog at preppyguidetolife.com

    We do a lot of great work in-house, but our team’s creative power is truly brought to life when paired with our network of vendors. Printers, framers and creative makers, our support team is vast in breadth and great at what they do. Without them, we would be just another group of artists; with them, we are so much more.