Our collection of panoramics holds a special place in our gallery. As our only exclusively “fine art” image collection, the series features a set of images captured on our travels. Created by digitally stitching several images together, these extremely long images are truly brought to life when printed and hung. With great care and design, we have printed these scenes from around the world on custom metal panels at sizes of 1.5ft x 8ft and 9in x 4ft. Big enough to take the stage in a large room or small enough to tuck into a small alcove, these prints provide an escape from the everyday and take you to a place less known.

    As a product, these metal panels are extremely durable. Weatherproof, sturdy, and washable with any household cleaner, these images will stand the test of time better than most other wall art. Also, by special request, we can print one image on each side of the panel, allowing you to flip them and change the mood of a room with the season. Available only by special order, these prints arrive by the hand of the photographer for all customers in the Indianapolis area. Please call us with questions about bringing these images into your home today.